ZEPTO Board, 2022-2023

The ZEPTO Board is made up of hard-working parents who pool their talents to provide support for our schools. Those listed below volunteered to provide leadership this year.  Please reach out to any of our board members if you have questions or concerns.  



Emily Hebert



Myiesha Beard

Vice President 


Jessica Best



Meredith Lampton



Alexandra Aitken

Social Media


Laura Freeman, Katie Griffin and Misty Reeves

Copper Mill Elementary Representatives 


Heather Gould, Shannon Jefferson, and Whitney Courtney

Zachary Elementary Representatives 


Kristi Watson, Giana Romero, and Laura Webster

Rollins Place Elementary Representatives 


Lacey Crochet and Jennifer Devall

Northwestern Elementary Representatives


Aimee Sylvas and Brandi Edgen

Zachary Early Learning Center Representatives 


Melanie McHenry LeBlanc

Box Top Coordinator 

ZEPTO Events