Join us for ZEPTO's Virtual Color Fun Run & 5k!  

Things will look a little different this year, but we are hopeful it will be a success and enjoyed by all.  


Here are the details:

  • This year, ZEPTO's Color Fun Run & 5K will be a 2-week event!  It will begin on Wednesday, March 31 and go through Wednesday, April 14.  
  • It's up to you how you would like to complete the race! You can break up your mile/5K into days or you can complete your mile/5k at one time.   You can walk/run on a treadmill, follow your usual jogging route, or even walk the dog.  Basically, you can walk/run on your own time anyway and anywhere you want within the 2-week period!
  • Each participant will receive 2 bags of individual color powder. After your race goal is complete (mile/5K), we encourage you toss a color packet in the air (don’t worry it washes away with water).  Don’t forget to send ZEPTO a post-race picture, selfie, or short video.
  • At the completion of the 2-week period, ZEPTO will host a Facebook live event where we will all wear our shirts and toss our color packets at the same time!
  • We will have 2 race package options this year:
       1.  Basic ($15) - includes a 2021 ZEPTO's Virtual Color Run Run & 5K t-shirt, 2 packs of color powder, and a pair of
       2.  Premium ($22) - includes a 2021 ZEPTO's Virtual Color Run Run & 5K t-shirt, 4 packs of color powder, a pair of
            sunglasses and a medal
  • Last day to register for the virtual race and guarantee a race T-shirt is March 15th.  Please note:  We will accept registrations after March 15th; however, ZEPTO Color Run shirts are not guaranteed (you may get a plain white shirt in your race pack).


100% of the proceeds will go towards
ZEPTO’s Teacher Appreciation Week in May.

Don't worry....we support the staff as well! 



To register, login to your ZEPTO account.  Go to the "My Account" tab.  Select "My Forms/Paperwork" from the dropdown menu.  For each size shirt you select, you will be required to enter the participants information. 


 **You don't have to be a member of ZEPTO to register for ZEPTO's Virtual Color Fun Run & 5K**

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